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Chris Rene Releases New Song: “Rockin’ With You”

Chris Rene  "Rockin' With You"  Syco Music/Epic Records

Chris Rene "Rockin' With You" Syco Music/Epic Records

Now that season 2 of X Factor is heating up, and fans are getting more and more wrapped up in the judging abilities of new comers Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, we wanted to take some time to remind listeners of our favorite stand out from last season, Chris Rene.  This time last year nearly to the day, Chris Rene was a recovering drug addict, with dreams of music related stardom, while working as a garbage man to feed his family.  Chris got the opportunity of a life time, auditioning for X Factor, doing a memorably moving rendition of his own original song “Young Homie”, convincing audiences and execs alike that he was here to stay.

Since that faithful day Chris has signed with Syco Music/Epic Records, and has been hard at work trying to make a name for himself.  He has recently released a new song by the name of “Rockin’ With You”.  It was written by Chris and his brother and sister Gabriel and Gina, X Factor, along with famed producer/writer and X Factor vocal coach Claude Kelly.  We’re fans of everything Chris is about, so we wanted to be sure to share it.  Take a listen and see if you agree.  Enjoy.

Chris Rene

“Rockin’ With You”

Syco Music /Epic Records

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