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Chris Brown Called For Prosecution In Ghana: ‘He Encouraged People To Take Up Arms’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

When Chris Brown puffed what appeared to be marijuana on stage during a show in Ghana last week, he called into question the country’s no-public-smoking laws. Now, some Ghanaians are calling for the embattled singer to be deported and prosecuted for his infraction.

“He promoted an illegality,” Ghanaian youth activist Jonathan Osei-Owusu, told “You can see from the video and yet he was let go free.”

Osei-Owusu is the executive director of Perfector of Sentiments [POS], a youth advocacy organization in Ghana. He is leading the campaign to have Chris Brown stand trial for promoting the public smoking of marijuana to a stadium full of young people.

In a petition obtained by Osei-Owusu calls on key figures in Ghana, including Parliament and the U.S. Ambassador in Ghana, to act. He accuses Brown of inciting young people to rage against their country’s laws. Click here for more on this developing story.