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Check Out Jojo’s Music video “Disaster”

Still From Jojo's "Disaster"

Still From Jojo's "Disaster"

We gotta take a moment to say how much we are digging the music video for Pop singer Jojo’s current single “Disaster”.  Fans are seeming to agree with us.  After making it’s virally based debut via on November 1st, and her Vevo channel on November 2nd things the music video has steadily taken off.  By November 8, a week after the video’s release, it had already accumulated little over 2 million views and has gotten the whole industry talking.

So far the blogisphere has generally praised  her more mature sexy look in the video. Complete with a short dresses, high boots and a kissing scene with actor Rafi Gavron.  Jojo gave some insight on what it why she picked Gavron to star as her love interest in an official statement released with the video’s premiere.  She also says of the kissing scene, “Kissing someone I had just met that day was…. uummm…. nerve-racking! But, I pushed my butterflies to the side and went for it. Rafi made me very comfortable and took any pressure that I was feeling off my shoulders.”

After watching the video ourselves, we too are on the “sexier more mature Jojo” bandwagon. The video’s director Benny Boom did a great job at capturing a balanced image of respectable sexiness while also providing a fantastic platform for her to show her stuff as a performer as well.  Job well Done Jojo.

Be on the look out for our in-depth exclusive interview with Jojo about her album Jumping Trains. Jumping Trains is now scheduled to hit stores in early 2012. In the mean time enjoy her music video for “Disaster” below.



From: Jumping Trains

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