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Brown And Houston Families Have Conflicting Reports About Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Status

Bobby Brown With Bobbi Kristina

Conflicting reports continue to come in about the current condition of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Her father, singer Bobbi Brown went viral in a video that was taken at a recent concert, where he is seen stating that his daughter, who has been in a comma since January is awake. See the video below.

Naturally, since we were happily hopping for the best, we were excited to report the good news.  However, when we began to backtrack on the story’s sources, we learned that Whitney Houston’s family has gone public against the Brown family’s claims. According to a TMZ exclusive, sources connected to the Houston have no idea where the Brown’s are getting their information, or why they would state that she’s awake and off life support.

Following Gossip Cop’s initial report about the conflicting information, The Houston family clarified to TMZ… “She’s in the exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility.” They say there is “minimal” reaction … an occasional eye blink, but that’s it.

The Houstons say Bobbi Kristina is still on a ventilator. See Bobby Brown nnouncing Bobbi Kristina awakening in the related video below.