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Britney Spears And Will I Am Continue Their Personal Connection On “Britney Jean”

Britney Spears “Britney Jean” Reign Dear/RCA Records

We would like to give a quick belated birthday shout out to the one and only Britney Spears! The Pop superstar turned 32 yesterday, December 2nd. Her gift comes today however, as she releases her eighth studio album, Britney Jean. The personally titled album has been described by Spears as one of her most hands on experiences during the recording and production processes. This is the first album in her discography where Britney actually was involved in the song composition process for every track. The album is Britney’s first full length release since the disbandment of her long time label, Jive Records in the summer of 2011, moving her to their sister label, RCA soon after. The project continues the chart topping success that she found with Will I Am on the 2012 smash, “Scream And Shout”. Will and Britney continued to bond on this project, as he picked up executive production duties, as well as co-writing and producing a  majority of the tracks on the album. Will also paired Britney with his frequent collaborator, David Guetta, who helped the Black Eyed Peas on their smash, “I Gotta Feeling.”

As the album’s first single, “Work B****”’s sound indicates, this album continues Britney’s EDM inspired pop blend that she began with Femme Fatale  on hits like, “Hold It Against Me,” and “Til The World Ends.” However, the project shows the most depth on it’s current single, “Perfume.” The ballad has been described as “a big career song” to Billboard Magazine by RCA Records CEO, Peter Edge. He continued to praise the song by saying  “she sings it beautifully and it has a real sincerity to it. And it’s outstanding — I think people are not only gonna be surprised but also see another side of Britney.”

The track teams Britney with singer/songwriter Sia, and her writing partner, Chris Braide. Both of them achieved worldwide acclaim on the massive hit, “She Wolf” from the deluxe re-release of David Guetta’s blockbuster album, Nothing But The Beat. (Nothing But The Beat 2.0) The song is one of many that holds a special place in Spears’ heart. She told Billboard about her connection with the song by describing the it as “incredibly special to me because it hits close to home.”

She continued by adding “I think the story is relatable to everyone. Everyone’s been through an insecure moment in a relationship that’s left them vulnerable and I think this song captures that.”Another personal track on the album has to be, “Chilling With You.” The song unites Britney with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who re-launched her career in entertainment as a country music singer this year. Other notable guest appearances include T.I. on “Tick Tick Boom”, and of course Will I Am on “It Should Be Easy.” The deluxe version of the album currently sits atop the Digital Sales chart, as “Perfume” made a strong debut on the US Top 40 right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Hear what everyone is talking about by checking out some key tracks below!

 Britney Spears 


From Britney Jean

Reign Dear/RCA Records

Britney Spears
“Work B****” (Explicit)
From Britney Jean
Reign Dear/RCA Records
Britney Spears Featuring Jamie Lynn Spears
“Chilling With You”
From Britney Jean
Reign Dear/RCA Records
Britney Spears Featuring T.I.
“Tick Tick Boom” (Explicit)
From Britney Jean
Reign Dear/RCA Records
Britney Spears Featuring Will I Am
“It Should Be Easy”
From Britney Jean
Reign Dear/RCA Records

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