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Brian Littrell Reveals That He Suffers From Muscle Tension Dysphonia In New Backstreet Boys Documentary

Brian Littrell

The highly anticipated tell-all documentary about the Backstreet Boys has finally been released on digital download and video on demand! That Stephen Kijak directed film, Backstreet Boys: Show’Em What You’re Made Of  tells the story of the best selling boy band of all time, in a raw, emotional, and honest way that has never been seen before. This film that the Boys and their management co-executive produced is the first time you will see their story completely uncensored.

Among many of the struggles the Boys get candid about in their story, it was revealed that group member, Brian Littrell has been suffering from Muscle Tension Dysphonia. This is a condition that causes the sound and feel of his voice to change due to extreme muscle tension in and around the voice box. As a result it causes his voice to regularly stop performing efficiently. As one of the regular lead vocalists of the Backstreet Boys, this has understandably been one of the most difficult issues Brian has experienced in his life,. It has also proven to be a challenge for the working process of the group when recording their 2013 album, In A World Like This. Brian can be seen dealing with his condition with his therapist, and working through it throughout the whole film. Brian’s condition even became the subject of an emotionally charged argument between Brian and band mate, Nick Carter while the group was selecting songs for their album i. Brian used the platform of this documentary to break this news to their fans for the first time, and now he is finally beginning to find the strength to talk about his condition publicly.

In a recent interview with our friend, Annie Reuter of CBS Radio’s, Brian went into detail about his struggle with the condition.

“It comes from stress, it comes from being tense, it comes from overuse, overwork,” he explains. “We’ve had a lot of singing parts to sing over the years. I’m not 18 anymore. I’m going to be 40 years old. Life happens.”  Annie was happy to report that Brian’s voice is getting better after he continues to spend time with a therapist doing various exercises. However since Brian has one of the most powerful voices in the Backstreet Boys, his rehab comes with a great deal of pressures.

“It’s a tough struggle for me to be what people expect me to be,” he admitted to  “I think that’s my biggest battle.” To read more of  Annie Reuter’s interview with Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys CLICK HERE and learn more about the powerful film, Backstreet Boys: Show’Em What Your Made Of

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