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#ICYMI: Brad Paisley: CMA’s “Accidental Racist”?

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Mockingly sign Up For “Obamacare” While Hosting the 2013 CMAs On ABC

The CMAs aired on ABC last night, and here is what happened, just in case you missed it. American Idol alum Carrie Underwood and fellow Country music superstar Brad Paisley hosted the show for the 7th time in a row, and although they had plenty of experience from years past, the two other wise very wholesome stars may have crossed some lines, becoming “accidental racists”.

Things started off tame enough, when the two teased gossip blog TMZ, by Carrie whispering to Brad what the sex of her unborn baby was, prior to them getting the scoop, and then telling the site to “suck it”. That said, the evening’s more simple good time fun ended somewhat sharply after that.

The evening’s party fouls came in the form of Brad’s racially charged joke that was said while cross promoting ABC’s hit sitcom, “Black-ish.” Since the CMA’s aired on a day and time that normally features the Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne starred sitcom, Brad gave audiences a heads up, saying that they wouldn’t be seeing “Black-ish” that night, saying that the CMA’s were “white-ish.” Immediately, the remarks were a joke where the humor was found based on the viewpoint of the beholder. Some felt that it was a simple acknowledgment to the fact that a large majority of Country Music’s artists and fans are white; others took it as a subtle but deliberate declaration of exclusion. Only Brad knows for sure, but he clearly became the definition of what his own song, “Accidental Racist.”

“Accidental Racist” was a song jointly performed with LL Cool J from Brad’s  2013 released album, Wheelhouse, which discusses how persons of different cultures, mainly black and white people, may unintentionally offend one another because of their clothes, habits, or misjudgment of the others. Hear the tune for yourself in our related media below.

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 Carrie and Brad courted Controversy of a much more intensional nature last year. Country Music loving Republicans are likely to fondly remember the duo’s hosting segments to make more direct fun  President Obama’s then embattled “Obamacare” website. Viewers will remember the two music star hosts sat down in the corner of the stage with a laptop. Carrie mockingly attempted to sign Brad up for a Malfunctioning “Obamacare” website.   Not to be out done this year, The two took shots at the Ebola epidemic, and the Republican’s reclaiming of control of the senate following our recently pasted midterm elections.