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Brad Paisley And LL Cool J React To “Accidental Racist” Controversy

Brad Paisley & LL Cool J Discussing Accidental Racist on Good Morning America

Brad Paisley & LL Cool J Discussing Accidental Racist on Good Morning America

One of the biggest music stories of the week has come from the controversy surrounding Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s new song “Accidental Racist.”  It goes far beyond the average cross-genre collaboration by tackling what LL and Paisley view as a significant cultural divide between races in the south. Almost instantly the track struck a nerve with both Country and Hip Hop audiences, and waves of opinions and song interpretation have flooded the media.  Some are attacking the song as a bad idea, others are saying that the effort was done with good intentions but in bad taste.  We here at Clizbeats feel that the media outcry has drowned out the song’s chances of being heard fairly.  So, in the spirit of objectivity, we’ve provided two news reports that we feel lay out the facts fairly, and the song itself.

The first comes from The Wall Street Journal’s digital network, and reporter John Jurgensen.  The second is ABC’s Good Morning America exclusive with the song’s two stars.  We feel that this one is especially important to watch because you can hear Brad and LL’s direct thoughts on both the song and its audience reaction.  “Accidental Racist” is a song from Brad Paisley’s Wheelhouse album released through Arista Nashville

“Accidental Racist” will be followed by a second Paisley and LL collaboration that is set for release on LL’s Authentic album.  His album cut is called “Live For You.”  We appreciate the two men’s conscious effort to spread a message of compassion, understanding, and positivity.  How do you feel about “Accidental Racist”? Check it out below.

John Jurgensen Comments on “Accidental Racist”

Wall Street Journal Digital Network

Brad Paisley And LL Cool J Discuss “Accidental Racist” on Good Morning America


Brad Paisley Featuring LL Cool J

“Accidental Racist”

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