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Billy Ray Cyrus’ GQ Interview: Find Out How “Hannah Montana” Destroyed His Family!

These days Billy Ray Cyrus’s life is imitating a bad country song: He’s headed for a messy divorce, his record company just delayed his latest comeback, and his cherished 18-year-old daughter seems destined to rip bong hits at every party in the U.S.A. No wonder he’s muttering about the end times.  

Billy Ray Cyrus (Photo By Danielle Levitt) Billy Ray Cyrus (Photo By Danielle Levitt)

Check Out Chris Heath of GQ Magazine’s revealing 6 page December  interview with Country singer/actor, and father to pop culture icon, Miley Cyrus. Find out how Disney’s “Hannah Montana destroyed his family


“Mr. Hannah Montana’s Achy Broken Heart”

By Chris Heath

GQ Magazine March 2011


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