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Big Time Rush Samples Blur’s “Song 2” For Latest Pop Hit

Big Time Rush "Windows Down" Columbia Records

Big Time Rush "Windows Down" Columbia Records

Boy Band Big Time Rush are spearheading the release of their third album with it’s unique first single known as “Windows Down”.  It is an interesting blend of Electro Rock, Dubstep, and a fantastic sample of 90’s Alternative Rock Band Blur’s signature breakthrough hit, “Song 2”.  In adition to the contributuin made by the band members of Blur, the clever sample oriented track was written by noted Hip Hop and Pop music producer /recording artist Bei Maejor, Alexander James, Co- writers of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” single, Matt Musto, and Mike Posner, and noted indie Pop Punk Producer Matt Squire.  Squire’s prior credits include work with One DIrection, All TIme Low, Selena Gomez, Good Charlotte, Panic At The Disco, and others.

One stand out note  about the song is that before it was released by Big Time Rush on June 25th, the song was reportedly considered by Ke$ha for her second album under the name “Woo Hoo”.   So far the song has turned out to be a match for BTR.  After it was released to ITunes, the song was able to reach number 62 on the ITunes 200 chart within 6 hours.  That success was then further complimented by a a music video shot in Hawaii.  We actually think it’s fair to say that the song deserves a listen from average BTR/Pop music should check it out as well as Blur fans from back in the day.

We’ve embedded  the music video below for you to watch.  We think it’s clever.  Do you?

Big Time Rush

“Windows Down”

Columbia Records

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