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Ben Folds Five Go Down To Fraggle Rock To Promote Their New Single: “Do It Anyway”

Video Still From Ben Folds Five's "Do It Anyway" Music Video

Video Still From Ben Folds Five's "Do It Anyway" Music Video

When Ben Folds Five decided to record their first album since 1999, they found themselves in the  jam of being without a record label. Undaunted to the situation, lead singer Ben Folds took it upon himself to reach out to the band’s fan base by writing a post on Facebook, promoting what would become their first single, “Do It Anyway”.  Fans liked it, and the band decided, despite not having a major label deal, Ben Folds Five was going to “Do It Anyway”.  Appreciation for the song spired up what was described as “Crowdfunding” to help pay for everything that would become the song’s related album.

The band’s fan funded initiative allowed them to form their own indie label ImaVeePee Records, which ended up partnering with Sony Music Entertainment. The band’s outside the box thinking didn’t stop there.  The help boost the album’s promo, they enlisted the help of the classic Jim Henson Muppets from Fraggle Rock, who guest star with the band in “Do It Anyway”‘s video.  As a result, BF5 has become a band after our own hearts.  See why for yourself as the Fraggles and comedian Rob Corddry join Ben Folds Five to do their thing in “Do It Anyway”.  Enjoy!

Ben Folds Five

“Do It Anyway”

ImaVeePee Records/Sony Music Entertainment

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