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Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, O-Town, And Others React To Lou Perlman’s Death

*NSYNC And Lou Pearlman

New details have been revealed about infamous boy band manger, Lou Pearlman’s death. As we previously reported over the weekend, Pearlman passed away on Friday August 19, 2016 at the age of 62. He died while in still in custody at a Federal Correction Institute in Texarkana Texas. Pearlman was serving a jail sentence for conducting one of the longest running ponzi schemes in American history. The former founder/manager/producer of such multi-platinum boy bands like Backstreet Boys,*NSYNC, and O-Town was convicted for stealing nearly 500 million dollars in various forms of business fraud. As we had mentioned in previous posts nearly every one of the music groups Pearlman had a hand in creating eventually found themselves entangled in legal troubles with him. These issues either led to court battles or the bands eventually disbanding.

Now that the news of his passing has made it out there into this week’s news cycle, new details are surfacing about Pearlman’s cause of death. has reported that Pearlman’s passing is due to heart problems. They have learned that he was recently transferred from his prison cell in Texas to a Miami hospital to have surgery, but died shortly before he was able to get that surgery. His medical records have revealed that Pearlman had a history of cardiac problems. The officially listed cause of death is natural causes.



Since the news of his passing members of the various boy bands he helped create have taken to social media to react with mixed emotions towards the news of his passing. Below you will find a compilation of tweets of various performers from each group sharing their feelings about Lou Pearlman.


Backstreet Boys:


Howie Dorough

 AJ. McLean





Justin Timberlake


Chris Kirkpatrick


Lance Bass



Aaron Carter:




 Erik-Michael Estrada

Jacob Underwood


Ashley Parker Angel





Brad Fischetti



Pearlman’s shady business dealings were a large part of every one of these groups’ histories regardless of how successful each of them became without him. The Backstreet Boys discussed their issues with Pearlman at length as part of their 2015 documentary, Backstreet Boys Show Em What Your Made Of.


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It was also mentioned in their 2005 episode of VH1’s Behind The Music. Lance Bass discussed the issues *NSYNC had with Pearlman in his 2006 bio, Out Of Sync, and touched on them even more in his 2014 exclusive interview.



These events were also profiled on a couple TV docu-series. The first of these came in 2008 with the CNBC show, American Greed, followed by a 2015 episode of Vanity Fair Confidential on Investigation Discovery.

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