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Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough And Brian Littrell Follow Jesus By Getting Baptized In The Jordan River

Image Via TMZ

The Backstreet Boys took touring to a truly spiritual level during their recent stop in Israel. Group members. Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell, along with his wife Leighanne Littrell, took it upon themselves to get baptized in the Jordan River, as part of a recent ceremony. This is significant because according to The Bible, it is the same site that John The Baptist baptized the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Brian in particular has made his Christian faith fairly well know to the public, and has even used time away from BSB to release a Christian album called Welcome Home for Reunion Records in 2006.

In the video obtained by TMZ, Brian is seen shedding tears of joy as he goes through the understandably emotional ritual. To join him Howie, and Leighanne in commemorating this joyous occasion, we wanted to share some music from Brian’s Welcome Home album. Below you can listen to two songs that get us emotional in our own way whenever we hear them. First, the album’s title track, “Welcome Home You”, as well as one of our personal favorite album cuts, “Gone Without Goodbye”, which discusses having faith after experiencing the loss of loved one, and honoring those affected by the events of 911.

Congratulations to Howie, Brian, and and Leighanne. God Bless you.

Video Of Brian Littrell being baptized in The Jordan River


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