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Austin Mahone’s”Say You’re Just A Friend”: A Lesson In How To Hit Making

Austin Mahone "Say You're Just A Friend" Chase/Republic Records

Austin Mahone "Say You're Just A Friend" Chase/Republic Records

Remember Austin Mahone? This summer he was the latest viral video sensation to have burst on the scene this past June with his grass roots nearly out of nowhere online smash “Say Somethin'”.  The track grew legs completely through fan support first and earned a healthy 5 million views on Youtube before he was finished inking his own multi million dollar deal with Chase/Republic Records in September.  Based on momentum alone, it’s pretty clear that something much bigger was and is going on with the Pop music career of young Mr. Mahone.

So far that something bigger, other than “Say Somthin'”  Of Course, is his firs single to debut through his major label deal, “Say You’re Just A Friend”.  Perhaps it’s his labels way of betting on the tried and true formula of “Just A Friend” hit making.  This is because, like singer, Mario’s 2002 hit, “Just A Friend 2002”, Ausin’s is a musical spin off of sorts to Old School Rapper Biz Markie’s  1989 hit, which was also called “Just A Friend”.    Austin even has the Hip Hop inspired Pop song formula down to the featured Rapper edge component. This time however, instead of having Biz Markie like Mario before him, he’s chosen to recruit the go to Rapper for Pop tunes, Flo Rida.

There must be some truth to this formula because the combo helped Mario climb to number 3 on the Hip Hop/R&B charts with ease in his day.  So far Mahone and his crew have proven that they know and have what it takes to make a hit.  It’s too early to tell for sure, but we just think you should continue to keep your ears and eyes pealed when it comes to his already remarkable career.  Check out “Say You’re Just A Friend” below and see of you hear what we’re talking about.  Cheers!

Austin Mahone Featuring Flo Rida

“Say You’re Just A Friend”

Chase/Republic Records

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