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Asher Roth Radio Station Love Fest


Asher Roth GRIND

As we mentioned in an article post from back in June, Clizbeats Featured artist Asher Roth is making his return to the game with his second album, The Septette  Tree that is now preparing for release.  This time he trades in the college loving party anthem s for a more progressive unity oriented mind.  You may remember G.R.I.N.D, which stands for Get ready it’s a new day, was given away to the public for free as part of a special contest that will allow Asher’s fans to make their own videos for him, and inevitably spread the love of the song. Now Asher and the gang are ready to spread that love to the radio world.  If The reactions to this video are any indication he’s off to a great start.  Mad Props  Asher.  Love what you’re doing dude!  Quality stuff   Take a look!

Asher Roth Promo video for G.R.I.N.D

School Boy/SRC/Universal Motown Records Group