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Artist Of The Month: Lauren Jauregui

Last month, singer/songwriter and Fifth Harmony member,  Lauren Jauregui debuted “Expectations,” “the first taste of her solo music, via Columbia Records. The track, written by Jauregui and available across all DSPs now provides fans the first glimpse into new music from the award-winning artist. In addition to signing with Columbia, Jauregui has rounded out her team with managers Dan Dymtrow and Tara Beikae at Maverick, and CAA.

“Everything feels so surreal. I’m so grateful to have been able to be so immersed in this creative process and give the world a piece of my heart. I’m excited to see its reception and continue to grow and create and share with you all,” Jauregui says of the song and her new chapter. “I appreciate anyone who is listening, whether you’re someone who’s followed my journey or are just joining the ride – thank you for choosing to share in my energy! I hope you love it.”

Jauregui first performed “Expectations” live this summer while opening for Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom Tour in South America, with fans connecting immediately – live performance videos of the song have been viewed over 3 million times to date.

Jauregui will continue to release new music over the next few months and into 2019. She has spent most of the year in the studio with writers/producers like Khaled Rohaim, Illangelo, Kid Harpoon, King Henry, Ilsey Juber and Alex Hope. True to her artistic ethos, this next chapter of Jauregui’s career finds her fully expressing her creativity in every aspect of her art, from writing songs to conceptualizing and editing videos.

She was most recently featured as NYLON Magazine’s September cover star. Other recent covers have included Coup de Main and King Kong, along with a feature in the Los Angeles Times, which noted the forthcoming music as “deeply self-explorative, influenced by her Cuban background and diverse musical tastes.”

NYLON hails Jauregui’s forthcoming record as “soulful and lively… the songs are expressive and honest. Her smoky, mature vibrato carries the depth and sensuality of Amy Winehouse, while the composition contains hints of Lauryn Hill’s minor harmonies and pulsating hip-hop beats.”

Outside of the studio, the 22-year-old has spent much of her life developing her talents beyond being a vocalist, from engaging in political activism and using her wide-ranging social platform as a mouthpiece to share her views. Jauregui is politically outspoken and actively involved in protests. She has written several open letters since the 2016 United States presidential election.