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Apple Under Fire For Whitney Houston Price Hike 30 Minutes After Death Announcement?

Apple ITUnes

Apple ITUnes

The music industry is still in shock over the loss of Whitney Houston, but sure enough, certain individuals may be exploiting her death. The Apple corporation is under fire for  seemingly exploiting her death by significantly raising the prices of her music catalog. Fans of the late singer began to speak out shortly after her death    The UK’s ET news online magazine  Digital Spy is responsible for first reporting that “Houston’s 2007 Ultimate Collection increased by £3 to £7.99 in the space of just 30 minutes.”  ITunes users first reported the price hike after they were prevented from downloading the collection at its advertised cheeper price.

“To say I am angry is an understatement and I feel it is just a case of iTunes cashing in on the singer’s death, which in my opinion is totally parasitic” said one customer who claims to have spent two hours trying to purchase the Ultimate Collection at its original price.  “The album itself is great so please don’t be put off purchasing it,they continued.   Just [realize] that you will merely be lining some fatcat’s pocket before Whitney’s lifeless body is cold.”

After fact checking, Digital Spy went on to identify Houston’s label Sony Music Entertainment as the ones responsible for the price hike.  So, let’s recap.  Sony Music appears to have taken at least two day to release their official statement of condolences, which we published yesterday.  However, according to ITunes activity and Digital Spy, it only took them till 30 minutes after her death to ok the online price hike.  Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it just one sad part of how things go?  We’ll leave it up to you to decide. We just hope that Whitney is resting in peace.