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American Idol Puts Out Good Vibes With Feature Film Style Promo

Video Still From American Idol's New Promo

Video Still From American Idol's New Promo

So far when it comes to this up coming season of American Idol, thanks to tabloid drama, it’s pretty fair to say that drama is what fans now think of when they think of the staple music competition show.  Well, the Idol crew appear to be very aware of that fact and have done their part to give you something else to look at, think about, and buzz about.  Ryan, Randy, Mariah, Nicki, and Keith have come together to make an AI promo that is arguably of feature film quality.  It definitely makes you do a double take that made us feel like we should bring it to your attention.  Take a look and see if you agree. The New season of American Idol begins in January.

American Idol Promo

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