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All Access Exclusive: A Deeper Look At The Clizbeats Connection To New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block, Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees

Can’t get enough of our tell all interview with Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block? Well we have a very special treat for all you Blockheads out there! We published some very cool interview commentary over at our partner web site All Access Music Group. CLICK HERE to read about our unique connection to New Kids On The Block, as well as a cool bonus clip about “The Package Tour” We hope you enjoy it!, and feel free to click around and check out the other Clizbeats/All Access Exclusives!

Audio Feature Credits

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interviewers: Craig Clizbe And Matt Clizbe

Produced By Craig Clizbe And Matt Clizbe

Written, Edited, Mixed And Engineered By: Craig Clizbe

Additional Mixing By: Tony Chen

Special Thanks: Jordan Knight, New Kids On The Block, Lori Anderson of Lori Anderson Consulting, Robin Thicke, The Block/Boston 5 Records, Columbia Records, Interscope Records

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