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About Us is an online music magazine founded by the brother team of independent music journalists/media producers Craig and Matt Clizbe. Through their new media production company Clizbeats Productions Inc., the brothers created as a tastemaker source for news about today’s contemporary hit music scene. Since its creation, it has evolved to become a regular promotional stop where some of today’s biggest stars do exclusive in-depth interviews.

To Craig and Matt however, the achievements and goals of their homegrown company make so much more than the average music blog. This is because after studying broadcasting since the two were teens, was initially created in 2005 as a college project that showcased their capability as quality members of the entertainment media, and allowed them to overcome the adversity of their shared disability of Cerebral Palsy.  In the face of struggle, the two brothers used the special circumstances of their situation to help build Clizbeats into an online destination that allows music fans to read about, listen to and watch their favorite music stars in an equally credible and personal way. Doing all this has helped them make a name for themselves,  while creating a career for themselves on their own terms.

Want to know more about their unique journey?  Watch their self produced, MTV featured bio “The Clizbeats Story”, featuring R&B star Robin Thicke. Thank you for visiting

The Clizbeats Story