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A Second Look At Fun’s Civil War Based Music Video “Some Nights”

Video Still From Fun's "Some Nights" Music Video

Video Still From Fun's "Some Nights" Music Video

This past weekend, the band known as Fun continued the fantastic momentum of their already great breakthrough year when they premiered the epic music video for their second single, “Some Nights”.  Although we feel like there is plenty that about the video’s concept that implies deeper rooted meaning, that from we can tell, can only be answered best by the band, the video’s cinematic qualities are through the roof.   In the video viewers find the band playing in the center of a civil war battlefield, as the ravages of that very specific war’s carnage occurs around them.  In addition to the clearly established war theme, the video opens with a mix of reflective and love oriented shots that carry on through out the duration of the clip.  We can’t help but continuously ponder over what the artistic statement and over all message of the video and its concept is.

As we’ve hinted not so subtilely in the past we think this band is absolutely fantastic..  We feel the same way about this video.   Watch it below and see if you agree.  To help you go deeper into the world of Fun’s Some Nights album, we’ve also provided a video of the band talking about the album, it’s concepts, and the ideas that inspired them.  We hope you enjoy it all as much as we do.


“Some Nights” (Explicit)

From: Some Nights

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