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3OH!3 Celebrates The Release Of New Album With: “3OH!3 Day” Interactive Online Game


3OH!3 Announces "3OH!3 Day"

Electro Pop duo 3OH!3 are celebrating March 3rd as 3OH!3 day.  In preparation for the release of their forthcoming album Omen, 3OH!3 members Sean Foreman, and Nathaniel Motte are asking fans to go to the 3OH!3day section of their website and take pictures or video of themselves and their friends completing the 303 tasks listed on the web page, as part of an interactive fan experience.  Once participants have taken all the 303 pictures/videos, they can officially participate in the 3OH!3 Day experience by sharing them on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube via the hash tag #3OH3DAY.

In return for completing the tasks, fans will be able to unlock a stream of the new single ‘Back To Life’, as well as have the opportunity to pre-order their new album. Omen is due to hit stores on June 18th. Fans who pre-order will also be given the opportunity to be emailed a special code that grants them 10% off of  their purchase of the Omen album.

30h!3 made their debut in the mainstream music industry with their  single “Don’t Trust Me,” which reached number 7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2008.  They then followed that success two years later when they released “My First Kiss” with Pop star Kesha.  “My First Kiss” also went on to break the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

For more specific instructions and examples on how to participate in 3OH!3 day, watch the instruction video provided by the band below.  Enjoy the fun, and in the words of 3OH!3,   “get crazy.”  Cheers!

3OH!3 Announces “3OH!3 Day”