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2014 BET Awards Overshadowed By Several Acts Of Violence

Black BET Awards Logo

Musically, it’s fair to say that last night’s BET Awards were on point, but unfortunately, the news centered on the show itself has been vastly overshadowed by reports of several violent incidents. First up, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a man was stabbed outside of Lure nightclub in Hollywood at an unofficial BET pre-party. Another incident occurred at a restaurant, where several gunshots were fired. Several people were injured, and one was left dead.

The violence continued after the show wrapped as well. A second shooting happened at Supper Club in LA.  According to TMZ, shots were fired in the wee hours of 2:30am PT. Sources say that the shooter was aiming for rapper, The Game’s car. No one was injured.

According to Global Grind, a representative from BET stated that the incidents that occurred took place at venues that have no ties to the network. With many celebs like Game, Meek Mill and Busta Rhymes present, the parties may have appeared to be BET-affiliated events by promoters.

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