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ZZ Ward Releases Eleven Roses EP

ZZ Ward EP Art

ZZ Ward "Eleven Roses" EP

This past September we had the honor of introducing you to ZZ Ward as she was the subject of our Clizbeat’s Indie Artist Spotlight.  We told you about her unique musical style which she described to us as, “Blues pop meets dirty beats.”  She also talked to us about her excitement for the EP she was working on with the famed multi platinum creative executive and songwriter Evan “Kidd” Bogart who is the man behind the worldwide hits “Halo” by Beyonce and “S.O.S.” by Rihanna, amongst others.

We are pleased to report that ZZ’s EP entitled Eleven Roses was released Wednesday (1/4/12) and she did not disappoint her fans.  The EP includes eight tracks and it is exactly what you would expect from an eclectic artist like herself.  The first six songs on Eleven Roses are standard production and are perfect examples of the “Blues pop meets dirty beats” style that distinguishes ZZ’s music from other artists.  The final two tracks are of the acoustic variety and really allow for her voice to be showcased along with her songwriting ability.

A video has been released for the first track on the EP, “Better Off Dead”.  The video captures the mood of the song perfectly.  It portrays ZZ as a patient in a mental institution dealing with the “voices in her head.”  The song itself features the vocals of ZZ over the beat of Tyler The Creator’s beat for “Yonkers”.

ZZ Ward’s Eleven Roses EP can be downloaded for free by going to her website  You can also keep up with all things ZZ by liking her on Facebook or following her on twitter

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