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Zendaya To Swing Into Marvel Cinematic Universe With Spiderder-Man

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Comicbook movie fans have yet another exciting thing to talk about today. Disney Channel star and Republic Records recording artist Zendaya Coleman has been announced as part of the cast for the Spider-Man reboot that will be part of Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe, which will usher the character into the same continuity as Marvel’s famed Avengers franchise. Odds are this is a big get for the young star because this yet to be titled take on everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger is part of a massively hyped co-production between Disney’s Marvel Studios and Sony’s Columbia Pictures, who has the film rights to the character, and is responsible for it’s the two previous franchises. is reporting that Zendaya will play a character known for now, simply as Michelle, alongside teen actor Tom Holland, who is playing the title role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Zendaya is best known for her work on Disney Channel Shows like the music-oriented sitcom Shake It Up, and KC Undercover. Zendaya’s major label music career was launched on Disney’s Hollywood Records, following a brief period as an independent artist. While on Hollywood, she saw platinum success with her single “Reply.” Since then, Republic Records has helped her reignite things after a short break. Her most recent effort comes in the form of a duet with Chris Brown called “Something New.” She also sang “Neverland” from Finding Neverland the Album, which was based on the Broadway show. Fans can expect to see Zendaya in Marvel and Columbia’s new co-production of Spider-Man on July 7th 2017, after Tom Holland debuts the character as part of Captain America Civil War, out May 6th.


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