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Will Smith’s Daughter Willow’s Music Hits Big With Help Of Sesame Street

Willo Smith album art

Willow Smith Whip My Hair Roc Nation/Columbia Records

It is said that every parent wants it so their kids have it better then they had it growing up.  Well in the entertainment business, that is especially true for the multi talented children of Hollywood megastar, Will Smith.  The first to hit the scene was Will’s son Jaden, who stole the show acting along side his dad in 2006’s The Persuit of Happyness, and later taking a page out of his dad’s playbook, when raping on the soundtrack of  Karate Kid along side Justin Bieber, to which he had the starring role.  Well now the bloggesphere is all a craze for the youngest of the Smith clan, Jaden’s baby sister Willow, who stepped into the spot light this week, with the release of her music video for her debut single called “Whip My Hair.”

Like Jaden, and her famous mom and dad, Willo has showmanship in her blood, and audiences are responding to it instantly making it a viral sensation, as one of the fastest growing videos on youtube in the last few days.  Only 9, Willo exudes a  confident fun through her  both her song, and the video’s dance are sure to have tweens groving with a Jay-Z , “brush your shoulders off” esc fashion for the young web generation.  We knew the movement reach an entirely new level when we discovered the viral video of new nameless Sesame Street character Whipping her hair to a dubbed version of the song .  This new African American character is already famous for singing the pro body image song “I Love My Hair,” used to send a message of positive body image to African American children who for cultural reasons may not otherwise see it that way because their hair is not strait like that of the many other races that are represented by others in the media.  So when Willo’ws fans made a version of that same video with “Whip My Hair,” dubbed over it, It took both the song and, the brand new muppet to a whole new level.  This is just too fun check it out.

Willow Smith

“Whip My Hair” (Fraggle Roc Nation Remix)

“I Love My Hair”

From Sesame Street

Willow Smith

“Whip My Hair”

Roc Nation/Columbia Records