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Why This 3 Year Old Should Be Allowed To Sing Nicki Minaj

3 Year Old Dustin Cries For Nicki Minaj

3 Year Old Dustin Cries For Nicki Minaj

Three year old Nicki Minaj fan Dustin has become the next viral video star crying over his love of a Pop star.  According to the video’s descriptive text, he’s upset because his mom won’t let him sing Nicki Minaj because the bad words. Understanding that singing bad words would be bad, he goes on to explain  that he wants to sing the clean version.  Put as simply as possible, it is amazing to watch.   Check it out below.

Now that Nicki has joined American Idol, these sort of things are going to be happening more and more.  Dustin’s mom, and the parents of other little ones need not to worry though.  Despite mixed reception to some of her concert performances, Nicki has made special effort to accept her place as a role model to young kids, and has on more than one occasion when doing in-depth interviews stressed the importance of parenting, individuality and quality education for kids.  Her awareness of the importance of the bigger picture is particularly evident with her recent appearance on ABC’s The View.

What Minaj join the ladies of The View, and  famed Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas for this refreshing conversation embedded below.

Nicki Minaj

On The View


Part 1

Nicki Minaj

On The View


Part 2

On a related note, music fans may remember Gabby Douglas and Minaj on stage at MTV’s VMA’s. The two stars  joined Alicia Keys for the premiere of Alicia’s new song, “Girl On Fire (Inferno Version).  This probably Minaj pays homage to Douglas, mentioning her name in her first Rap.  We love the song. It just adds to the many reasons as to why kids should be able sing and know Nicki Minaj.  Cheers Nicki.  You continue to Impress us!

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