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Wesley Freitas Is Tony Stark Getting His Justin Timberlake On In Iron Man “Suit & Tie” Parody

Wesley Freitas As Tony Stark In "Suites That Fly"

Wesley Freitas As Tony Stark In "Suites That Fly"

Remember when Los Angeles actor Wesley Freitas published that cool Dark Knight Rises inspired music video “Batman Maybe” on YouTube last summer? In that video he and his friends reworked the lyrics to Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash hit, “Call Me Maybe” to cleverly explain the film’s story from the point of view of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character, John Blake, who Wesley was parodying in the clip. Well, now he and his team are back at it again. Like before, he and his crew mixed one of the year’s biggest Pop songs with another major superhero blockbuster film! This time Wesley resembles the Robert Downey Jr. version of the Marvel superhero/billionaire, Tony Stark/Iron Man. As Stark, Wesley is now taking on the style of Justin Timberlake in the Iron Man 3 parody, “Suits That Fly”, based on Justin’s “Suit & Tie.”

Since both Tony Stark and Justin Timberlake rock the suit and tie look very well, taking on the role of Tony Stark in a Justin Timberlake universe isn’t too hard for Wesley to pull off. He cinematically blends everything that makes up the black and white cool factor and set up of “Suit & Tie” with stand out Iron Man features in an extremely professional and entertaining way.  As you will see, some of the major Iron Man features include the Robert Downey Jr. look, complete with Stark’s signature facial hair, and the Arc-reactor glowing in his chest under his clothes.

Like “Batman Maybe” before it, the lyrics contain key elements of the film’s story. Wesley sings in a Timberlake like falsetto, while making references to things like Stark’s house getting hit, and calling out the film’s classic Iron Man villain, The Mandarin.  Other plot points referenced include mentioning key aspects of the film’s new suit, and the fact that he has a whole arsenal of Iron Men at his disposal.  Many of those references are made in the cleverly done “Jay-Z” rap verse that is impressively provided by the James “Rhodey” Rhodes character who performs with Wesley on stage at “The Stark Expo” and in his awesome looking War Machine suite.

Put simply, we think the video is sincerely impressive.  The attention to detail goes above and beyond.  Kudos Wes! Our hats are off to you and the remarkable Chapman University alumni that created the video.  What will you do next? Check out video below.

Wesley Freitas “And The Remarkable Chapman University Alumni”

“Suits That Fly”

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