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We’re Excited For The Release Of J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” Album: Check Out Why!

J. Cole "Born Sinner" Roc Nation/Columbia Records

J. Cole "Born Sinner" Roc Nation/Columbia Records

J Cole is preparing to release his second studio album on Roc Nation/Columbia Records. To promote his Born Sinner album, the rapper took to Twitter to promote live stream sneak preview of the album that would be active in different “coordinates.” He tweeted the following on Wednesday night.

Born Sinner will stream 1 time tomorrow at these exact coordinates … 8pm EST/ 7pm CT/ 5pm PST,” and linked to a website with coordinates in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles and Cole’s native Fayetteville, NC. But before you think about just showing up there, there’s a few protocols to go through first: “Please bring 1. iphone [or Android] fully charged, 2. with LSNR app downloaded and enabled, and 3. favorite pair of headphones,”

To get a preview of what to expect from the stream Cole also released Born Sinner’s track listings. One of the standout tracks that is making a lot of buzz this week is “Crooked Smile”, which features the surviving members of R&B/Hip Hop group TLC. The album also features collaboration with one of our favorite R&B singers, Miguel.  The track is called “Power Trip”, and its music video is fantastic!  We’re really thinking that the album is gonna be good.  We’ve been pumped for it ever since his “Cole Summer” buzz track was released as part of his Truly Yours 2 EP back in April.

It features a wonderful sample of Lauryn Hill’s classic “Nothing Really Matters”, and a vivid narrative of his personal journey dealing with the pressures of the Hip Hop game, and the stress of meeting the expectations of being signed with Jay-Z. We’ve embedded it all below for you to enjoy. Born Sinner is currently set with a June 18th release date.

Go get em Cole! Love your stuff. Keep it positive homie.

J. Cole Featuring  TLC

“Crooked Smile”

From: Born Sinner

Roc Nation/Columbia Records

J. Cole Featuring Miguel

“Power Trip” (Explicit)

From: Born Sinner

Roc Nation/Columbia Records

J. Cole

“Cole Summer”

Truly Yours EP

Roc Nation/Columbia Records

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