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Watch Justin Timberlake’s Full Episode Of Oprah’s Master Class

Justin Timberlake On “Oprah’s Next Chapter”

As we previously reported on Friday, Justin Timberlake was on the season premiere of Oprah’s Master Class on OWN last night. The interview series covered different aspects of Justin’s life and career from his Disney days, to his latest album. The hour show touches on many of his career milestones both with and without *N Sync, and allows him to go into detail about what he learned from each experience. Since a lot of his story has already been told as *N Sync became one of the most successful group’s in pop music history, not all of this is new information. However, it is one of the most reflective interviews he has given about his entire life. Since there are so many layers of his career both as a member of *N Sync, and as a solo artist, it was impossible to explain everything in his career. But for anyone who ever wanted to know how he thinks as a musician, this is a must see interview!

Oprah’s Master Class: Justin Timberlake 



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