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Train Releases New Music From Up And Coming Sixth Album

Train "Drive By" Columbia Records

Train "Drive By" Columbia Records

Train’s 2009 album Save Me San Francisco was propelled into success thanks to the boost of it’s lead single “Hey Soul Sister” selling 5 million digital copies.  Like so many times with their past work, “Hey Soul Sister”‘s” momentum then blazed a path for three more fantastically written singles to steadily follow and firmly locked the band into being a Pop music mainstay for the past three years.  Now as 2012 begins, they’re setting up to do it all over again.

This week marked the release of “Drive By”, a new single that is so fresh its associated album isn’t even named yet.  What’s in an album name though?  Columbia Records doesn’t It seem too stressed over the namelessness. They’re already geared up to once again have Train everywhere music is.  Will they  be able to match the musical muscle of their past Smashes?  It’s still too early to say.  While we wait for more details to emerge, check out  “Drive By” for yourself and see what you think.


“Drive By”

Columbia Records