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#TIL: Lance Bass’ film On The Line Was Meant To Star All Members of *NSYNC

The movie poster for the 2001 film On The Line starring Lance Bass.

by Sean Smith

Last week we here at Clizbeats had the honor of publishing an in-depth interview we recently conducted with Lance Bass of **NSYNC fame. Lance opened up in the interview with us and talked about everything from his growing up as a gay kid in the conservative state of Mississippi, his time with *NSYNC, and his latest musical project “Walking On Air.” If you haven’t checked out the interview you should absolutely take the time to check it out here. One of the major takeaways for me in the interview was how Lance Bass talked about always feeling the need to stay busy in an attempt to distract himself from openly dealing with his sexuality. When he was a kid he used baseball and music as an escape, and later during the hiatuses between **NSYNC projects he worked on side film and music projects.

One of these film side projects that Lance Bass worked on was the 2001 romantic comedy On The Line. The film wasn’t exactly heralded by critics as a great film, but it did feature Lance Bass starring alongside of his fellow **NSYNC band mate Joey Fatone. In the interview we conducted with Lance Bass, he talked a bit about the film and revealed the interesting fact that On The Line was originally meant to be a movie that starred all of the members of *NSYNC. He mentioned to us that it was meant to be a film starring all of his band mates, similar to the way that the Beatles put out films for their fans in the 1960s.

So again, if you haven’t checked out our interview with Lance Bass you can do so now by checking it out here. And as always, if you have a piece of music knowledge that you feel your fellow Clizbeats reader would find interesting, feel free to share it with us on Twitter (@Clizbeats) or on our Facebook page. You may just see it shared right here in the coming weeks.

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