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#ThrowbackThursday: “Til Kingdom Come” by Coldplay

by Sean Smith

Last weekend the eyes of the nation were fixed upon Wilmington Delaware for the funeral services of Beau Biden. The former Delaware Attorney General, and son of Vice President Joe Biden, passed away on May 30th of brain cancer. Beau Biden was just 46 years old.

It appeared as though Beau Biden had a bright political future still ahead of him. He had expressed interest in running for the office of Governor in his home state of Delaware, and was considered by many to be the favorite to win that race. However, even in his tragically shortened life, Biden spent his time serving the people of his state. He was a Major in the Delaware National Guard, and had served honorably for eight years as the state’s Attorney General.

A number of high profile political figures attended the services this past weekend to honor the life and service of Beau Biden. President Obama was in attendance, and gave a eulogy for the eldest son of his Vice President. Former President Clinton, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Senate leaders Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, and a host of other members of congress were all on hand to pay their respects to the Biden family as well. But political figures weren’t the only prominent people on hand.  The lead singer for British pop-rock band Coldplay, Chris Martin, was also in attendance.  Martin learned that the late Beau Biden was a fan of his band, and so offered to perform at the service on Saturday. He stepped to the front of St. Anthony’s of Padua Church while the world was watching and performed an acoustic version of “Til Kingdom Come” towards the end of the service.

“Til Kingdom Come” is a Coldplay song that appeared on the band’s third studio album X&Y from 2005. Although it ended up being released as a hidden track, it was not originally intended to be a standard Coldplay song. Rather, “Til Kingdom Come” was initially set  to be a duet between Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and the legendary Johnny Cash. Unfortunately, Cash passed away before the two could record together, so it was completed as the song we know today. Although it was not released as a single, the song did get some widespread exposure when it was incorporated into a famous scene from the 2012 superhero adventure fim The Amazing Spider-Man.

With Chris Martin performing an acoustic version of “Til Kingdom Come” at Beau Biden’s funeral service last weekend, we take a moment to remember that song as well as the life of a great public servant in Beau Biden. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Biden family at this difficult time, especially Beau’s wife Hallie and their two children.


“Till Kingdom Come”

From: X & Y

Parlophone/Capitol Records

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