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#ThrowbackThursday: “Miss You” by Aaliyah

The Aaliyah song “Miss You” would eventually become the lead single from her 2002 posthumous album I Care 4 U.

by Sean Smith

By now many of you are aware of the unauthorized biopic of Aaliyah that aired on Lifetime last weekend. The made for TV movie  Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B has come under a barrage of rightful criticism for many of the inaccuracies it contained. One of the more glaring inaccuracies included is the way that the Wendy Williams executive produced film portrays the way that Aaliyah came to work with music producer Timbaland. Right here on, we addressed this major shortcoming of the film by sharing parts of an interview that we conducted in 2011 with Atlantic Records Chairman and CEO Craig Kallman. Kallman details in that interview how he, while serving as the Vice President of A&R for Atlantic at the time, was the one responsible for creating the musical marriage between Aaliyah and Timbaland. You can learn more about that by checking out our exclusive story here.

When Lifetime decided to air the flawed film Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, it created a lot of negative attention. And after reading and listening to Clizbeats exclusive story, you can see why much of it is rightfully deserved. However, one positive that we all can take from it is that it gives us all a chance to remember the magnificent artist that Aaliyah was prior to her untimely demise in 2001. From “4 Page Letter” to “Try Again” to “Are You That Somebody”, Aaliyah provided the music industry with many great songs over her short career. And for this week’s addition of #tbt here on Clizbeats, we remember her posthumous single “Miss You”.

Aaliyah originally recorded “Miss You” in 1999 while working on her self-titled third studio album that would eventually be released in 2001. The song was originally intended to be a track on fellow R&B artist Ginuwine’s 1999 album 100% Ginuwine, but after Aaliyah heard the song she wanted to make it her own. The story goes that Aaliyah called Ginuwine, who co-wrote the song and who like Aaliyah was also a frequent collaborator with producer Timbaland, and got permission from him to record the song despite that fact that he had already recorded it himself. After recording her version of “Miss You”, Aaliyah wanted to release it as her own on upcoming 2001 album but her label Blackground Records was not as enthusiastic about the song as she was. The song was not included on her 2001 self-titled album and went unreleased during her lifetime. It was not until after her death, in 2002 that her version of “Miss You” would be released. It served as the lead single from Aaliyah’s posthumous album I Care 4 U, and with it’s fitting emotional appealing title would go on to reach as high as the third spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. A video supporting the song was released which featured musical friends of hers singing along to the song interspersed with clips taken from earlier music videos of her songs. An official remix of the song would also be released which features Jay Z. Jay Z was a friend of Aaliyah’s and his once Roc-a-Fella Records business partner Damon Dash was actually dating the late singer.

And so in light of all of the controversy surrounding the Lifetime movie Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, this week we want to take a moment to remember the truly great music that Aaliyah gave us over her career by remembering her song “Miss You”. Enjoy!


“Miss You”

From I Care 4 U 

Blackground/Universal Records

 Aaliyah & Jay-Z 

“Miss You” (Remix)

From I Care 4 U 

Blackground/Universal Records