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#ThrowbackThursday “Hero” By Chad Kroeger Featuring Josey Scott And Tyler Connolly

By Craig Clizbe

As this week comes to a close we become more and more excited for the highly anticipated film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2! The sequel to the 2012 Columbia Pictures reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, continues to follow Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. (Emma Stone) Their relationship grows, while Peter also grows more comfortable with his powers and identity as Spider-Man.  This new film also introduces us to three new villains in Spidey’s universe, one of them being one of his most famous foes, The Green Goblin. Unlike the original Spider-Man films from Columbia starring Tobey Maguire, Peter’s friend Harry Osborne takes on the mantle of The Green Goblin, rather than his father Norman. In the original 2002 film, Willem Defoe played Norman Osborne wickedly who haunted Spider-Man as the Goblin. This is why the character changes of the Goblin between Spider-Man (2002), and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has sparked a great deal of conversations comparing the two before the film was even officially released in the USA. It is with that in mind that I felt inspired to take a look back at one of the songs on the soundtrack for the original, Spider-Man film, and compare it to what is heard the soundtrack to the current film.

Like the difference between the two movies’ look and feel, the first singles included on each of these soundtracks have some cool similarities, while at the same time having an identity completely their own. The major similarity to the song, “its On Again”, (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 2014), and “Hero” (Spider-Man ,2002) is the fact they take the leading artists from one genre and  put them together on one song.

This first happened for in 2002 with the Spider-Man Soundtrack;s on “Hero,” when Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger teamed up with Saliva’s Josey Scott, and Tyler Connolly from Theory Of A Deadman to create a Modern Rock anthem that crossed genres and topped the charts. There is no doubt that when Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams were in the process of putting together their, “Magnificent Six” supergroup for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sound, that they took note of how this collaboration came together.  “Hero” also featured contributions from other Modern Rock Icons like, , Mike Kroeger (Nickelback bassist), and Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden drummer). Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace drummer)

After seeing how these rockers came together to make something great, it would make perfect sense for Pharrell to feel inspired to try to come up with his own combination to make The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s first single using the same formula, only this time bringing together icons from Hip Hop/R&B. “It’s On Again” unites the talents of Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar, and of course Pharrell himself who served as the song’s primary producer. The two videos connected to these two different Spider-Man soundtracks take the comparisons to a higher level also. They both show a trio of musicians in New York City performing in around the city while Spidey makes little cameos courtesy of some very well placed clips from the films.

It is probably too early to tell if this formula will prove to be successful for Alicia, Kendrick and Pharrell with the new movie, however there is certainly no debate on weather the collaborative efforts were worth it for Chad and friends. In 2002 “Hero” peaked at number one on the Billboard Modern Rock and MainstreamRock charts, number three on the Billboard Hot 100, and also got considerable airplay at CHR/Pop, Hot AC, and even Adult Contemporary radio formats. The song’s inspirational message connected with millions of of patriotic Americans with images from the 9/11 attacks fresh in their minds from only months before. Spider-Man’s strong connection to New Yorkers at the time helped “Hero” win the Best Video From A Film at the MTV Video Music Awards, as well as selling over 4 million copies in the US alone.

So before you get to the movie theatre to enjoy this exciting new version of the, Spider-Man films and the great music connected with them, let[‘s take a moment and remember the Spider-Man themed music that got us here! We are happy to share with you this week’s Throwback Thursday offering, “Hero” by Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott, from the original 2002 Spider-Man!


Chad Kroeger Featuring Josey Scott And Tyler Connolly


From Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture Spider-Man

Columbia Records/Sony Music Soundtrax/Roadrunner/Island Def Jam Music Group

Alicia Keys Featuring Kendrick Lamar And Pharrell Williams 
“Its On Again” 
From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack
Madison Gates/Columbia Records

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