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Thirty Seconds To Mars Gives Away “City Of Angels” For Free Following Jared Leto’s Oscar Win

Jared Leto

By Andrew McMahon

As a bold promotion strategy, Thirty Seconds to Mars has decided to giveaway  “City of Angels” on iTunes for free. The track is  featured on the bands 2013 album, Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, which also received a price drop on Itunes to $4.99.

The reason for the price changes hasn’t been stated publicly, but comes on the heels of the band’s leadsinger Jared Leto’s first Academy Award for best supporting actor in the film Dallas Buyers Club. During Leto’s acceptance speech he thanked the dreamers around the world struggling to make their dreams happen, which is the core theme of “City of Angels.” The frontman’s Oscar speech reflect the ideals that the song encompasses, so it might not be simply a coincidence that the song is free on iTunes, it might be Jared Leto’s way of inspiring others.

In the speech he also thanked his mother for raising him and his brother Shannon, who is actually Thirty Seconds to Mars’s drummer, despite being a single mother who dropped out of High School. He finished by dedicating the award to the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS, and to those who are still fighting.

Everything about Jared Leto recently has been inspiring, from his acting, to his music, to the man himself. If you don’t believe it, see an example for yourself below, in the form of the “City of Angels” music video, or purchase it yourself for free on Itunes.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

“City of Angels” (Explicit language)

Virgin Records


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