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The World Famous “Party Rock Anthem” Halloween House


The World Famous "Part Rock Anthem" Halloween House

Have you heard of the internet’s latest celebrity?   His name is Kevin Judd of Riverside, California. Almost  over night Judd  has taken a long time annual tradition of constructing Halloween lighting displays set to music and used it to indirectly skyrocket to viral video stardom.  Judd used Light-O-Rama, a software program to coordinate his house’s lighting display visuals so that they lip sync perfectly to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”.   He then shot the display in a home movie and the rest is history.  As of the time of the writing of this post the video has been seen over 1 million 3 hundred thousand viewers from a rabidly growing international audience.

“It’s overwhelming,” Judd was quoted as saying  “I’m getting emails from Australia and all over Europe,” he said. Reports indicate that he is currently “in talks” with Good Morning America to have a live broadcast from his house this weekend. Not bad considering he doesn’t do lighting displays professionally.  Judd who reportedly works as a a senior technician for Verizon, was quoted as saying, “I have nothing to do with lighting, It’s just a hobby.”.  Watch the video below for yourself and see if you think he should do this professionally.

Major kudos  Kevin!  Your video is one of the most entertaining things we’ve seen in a long time!

Kevin Judd’s Halloween “Party Rock Anthem” House