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The Story Behind Enrique Iglesias’ “Finally Found You”

Enrique Iglesias Featuring Sammy Adams "Finally Found You" Universal Republic Records

Enrique Iglesias Featuring Sammy Adams "Finally Found You" Universal Republic Records

Latin Pop star Enrique Iglesias is back with another hot Dance track. This time he has teamed up with Boston rapper, Sammy Adams for a new single, “Finally Found You.” It will be released on ITunes on September 25th, from Universal Republic Records. The song’s sound remains consistent with Enrique’s recent Electropop sound that helped rejuvenate his English language Pop career here in the US. We first heard this sound on the hit album, Euphoria from 2010. Euphoria’s first single, “I Like It” received massive worldwide success, both commercially and critically.  It became Iglesias’ first solo US top five hit in nearly eight years, the last being 2001’s “Hero”. Thanks to also being included on MTV’s Jersey Shore soundtrack, It went on to sell 6 million singles worldwide. It also allowed Enrique to work with two of his friends who are major stars in their own rights. “I Like It” featured a re-recorded interpretation of part of Lionel Richie’s 1983 hit, “All Night Long”, which included new vocals by Richie to help match the faster tempo of Enrique’s song. Away from Richie, “I Like It”’s  universal appeal also came from the help of Miami rapper, Pitbull. The self proclaimed “Mr. Worldwide” of Hip Hop had an unforgettable presence on the track, with a Spanglish rap verse. This blending of worlds old and new in Pop music was a formula that would prove to be successful when Enrique sought to reinvent himself to the American public.

Euphoria’s success continued through the summer of 2011 with Universal Republic releasing both English and Spanish language songs from the album at  the same time, working the project at various different radio formats worldwide. The English language songs also continued to keep the Electropop theme alive, while having Enrique continue to collaborate with different artists and producers current in the American Pop music universe  The two additional US hit singles from that album were “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” featuring Ludacris produced by DJ Frank-E, and “Dirty Dancer” featuring Usher and Lil Wayne, produced by RedOne. Enrique was once again a household name in the US to Pop music fans, However the excitement would fade when Universal Republic attempted to keep the momentum going. In October 2011 they released what could be described as the sequel to “I Like It”, the song that sparked it all. That song, “I Like How It Feels” was another up beat collaboration with Pitbull produced by RedOne, who also produced “I Like It” featuring Pitbull. “I Like How It Feels” was intended to  be the first single from, Euphoria Reloaded, the extended version of the 2010 Universal Republic release. However for one reason or another, the song was met with a poor commercial performance. Perhaps this has to do with the massive Pop success Pitbull was experiencing with his 2010 breakthrough album, Planet Pit. Thanks to hits like “Give Me Everything” and international love, Pitbull had gone from a Miami Reggaetone  rapper to an international superstar who was number one on many different artists collaboration wish list. In fact much of that momentum was probably started because of what he and Enrique had created together with “I Like It.” By October 2011 Pitbull was hotter than ever, thanks to his singles “Rain Over Me” featuring Marc Anthony and “International Love” featuring Chris Brown. Plus  Pitbull and RedOne were working on tracks with other artists similar to their Enrique collaborations. RedOne and Pitbull boosted the music career of Jennifer Lopez, That song “On The Floor” brought J-Lo back to the mainstream of American Pop music, like “I Like It” had done for Enrique previously.

Therefore when it came time for Universal Republic to begin working, “I Like How It Feels” from Euphoria Reloaded , the lack of commercial response for the song was most likely not from fans, but Pop music radio programmers instead. It is very possible that due to Pitbull’s explosion of popularity and all the RedOne productions in rotation at the time, there was just no room a song that sounds like it was produced the year before, even though it is still fun. With that said, Reloaded’s intended second single, “Mouth To Mouth” featuring Jennifer Lopez was then shelved to help Universal Republic repackage the project in the future.

Now thanks to the excitement of Enrique’s current co-headlining tour with Jennifer Lopwz the time for Universal Republic to release  Enrique’s new single, “Finally Found You.”  It  is another dance track once again pairing Enrique with a rapper on the rise who has dabbled in the Electropop sound as well. The song features Sammy Adams, a Boston rapper who recently signed with RCA Records. Like Pitbull in the past, Adams is also beginning to find success with his Pop song with a Hip Hop flavor, “Only One”. Check out what happens when Enrique and Sammy’s world’s collide below

Enrique Iglesias Featuring Sammy Adams

“Finally Found You”

From Euphoria Reloaded

Universal Republic Records

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