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The Script Very Personally Give Back To Hurricane Sandy Victims

The Script

The Script

Irish Rockers and Clizbeats Featured Band The Script are were moved when they got word of all of the damage that occurred as a result of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, and particularly in New York.  After learning of the devastation the Pop/Rock trio decided to skip what was suppose to be a day of rest, and arranged with Long Island’s Paramount theatre to move their previously scheduled December 5th show up to the November 8th.  The band had all proceeds earned from the show’s ticket sales, and merchandise to the aid of the Long Island Red Cross.  The generosity didin’t even stop there.  They even donated their personal fee for the evening as well.

Script drummer Glen Power.  Billboard reports that his parents live in the Long Island area as well.  Hopefully they and the rest of the Long Islanders will at least be able to be inspired by the uplifting nature of their current hit, “Hall Of Fame”.  On a personal note, we here at Clizbeats met and had the pleasure of a wonderful interview with Glenn.  He’s a great guy, and we’d like to wish the best to him and his family.

“We hope that by stepping forward, others will do the same. And, we hope we (brought) some much-needed fun and enabled the people dealing with such a loss to escape and enjoy themselves for a bit,” O’Donoghue told

The Script are great guys who’ve done a great thing!  We’d like you to try and do your part to support them with what they do with their already notably fantastic music.  Check out their current smash “Hall Of Fame”, and pick up their album #3.  It won’t be a disappointment.  Cheers!

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