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The Script Are Back With “Science And Faith”!

The Script "Science And Fait"h Phonogenic/RCA Records/Epic Records/CEG

The Script "Science And Fait"h Phonogenic/RCA Records/Epic Records/CEG

Ever since the release of their self-titled debut album in Ireland on August 8, 2008, Irish Pop/Rockers, The Script have been off and running! The guys literally toured the world  on the popularity of their music as it grew, continuing  to be released in different countries all through the end of 2009! That one album gave the guys 5 consecutive hit singles and even lead to a very memorable exclusive interview! With all that said it is easy to see how the band got wrapped up in all the excitement. But it was when the guys returned to their homes in Ireland when they came back only to  to the harsh reality of the recession hitting those close to them.

Seeing the economic climate in Ireland after being away for a yeat is what inspired the theme of what would become their highly anticipated second album, Science And Faith. This theme is best expressed in the album’s first single, “For The First Time.” The band’s lead vocalist Danny O’Donoghue talked about the story behind the song in an interview with Merrick, Dools & Ricki-Lee on Sydney radio station Nova 96.9. 

 “The song ‘For the First Time’ was about a time when we got back after touring around the world. We wanted to press palms with the people who had really gotten us there, and we got home and realised there’s a stark reality out there, the recession has hit, people are losing their jobs and their valuable things, and we thought, this almost pales in comparison to our news. We started the song, and it ended up being a bit bleak and we felt we really needed a great message in these, to turn it around… so we needed a message of hope, as being are being stripped of all these things they’re realising what’s really important. It’s all about going back to basics, drinking cheap wine, eating your dinner off the floor. That’s when you meet each other for the first time, when you have nothing.”

That single was a laumching pad for more success for the trio! Science And Faith was released in September, debuting in the Top 5 on five different charts around the world. In fact the album debuted at #1 both in Ireland and the UK  only days apart from each other. Once again the album features production and co-writing with their Phonogenic label heads, Steve Kipner and Andrew Frampton, Script band members Marc and Danny also serve as producers along side Kipner and Frampton. The band’s third member, Glen Power is also a writer on the album as the whole song composition process  was done primarily by this group, unless otherwise noted.

After so much success yet again all around the world, including going Gold in the UK, the guys are ready to come back to the states again. Epic Records has begun promoting the single “For The First Time” in America these last couple weeks. Although the video for the song was filmed in New York City, American audiances have yet to see it much. Despite that however, the power of the worldwide web allows us to share it with you. Congrats on more success guys, welcome back! Check out for the video for “For The First Time” right here!

The Script

“For The First Time”

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Phonogenic/RCA Records/Epic Records/CEG