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The Return Of Pop Star Jojo is Boosted By Interscope’s Push

Jojo "The Other Chick" Blackground/Interscope Records

Jojo "The Other Chick" Blackground/Interscope Records

Do you remember pop singer Jojo?  She was discovered on the early 2000’s singing competition show America’s Most Talented Kid, and rose to fame with songs like 2004’s, “Leave (Get Out)”, and later “Too Little Too Late.” in 2006.   Both of those songs’ associated albums  sold millions and springboarded a spinoff acting career for the singer.   After making a splash with those hits, and  grabbing an audience, she has been able to star in movies like RV with Robin Williams and 20th Century  Fox’s Aquamarine. However,  the  singing career that helped make her famous, and in  many ways is what she’s still known best for hit a snag in recent years due to undisclosed label politics.  Despite these obstacles she stayed active in the biz compiling what was ultimately released as a mixtape called Can’t Take That Away From Me in 2010.

To listen to this mixtape is to know that whatever drama was going on behind the scenes didn’t shake the belief in her as a genuine singer and entertainer.  Released exclusively online via, Can’t Take That Away From Me featured production credit from acclaimed strand outs  like Chad Hugo of The Neptunes/ N.E.R.D, Kenna, and Ron “Neff-U” Feemstar. In fact after a closer look, this mixtape appears to only be a “mixtape” in name alone.  This collection of songs has many of the trimmings that are much more fitting of a fully fledged album, complete with its own professionally shot music video that was also released by

Without knowing the specifics that prevented Jojo from officially continuing the professionally oriented aspects of her career, an informed observer may assume that it has at least partially to do with her label Blackground Records transferring its distribution partnership from Universal to Interscope Records, Also the original Imprint that discovered Jojo with Blackground Records, called “Da Family Records” appears to no longer be involved with her.  This theory is established by the fact that the three previously mentioned mixtape production contributors, in some way have their own  stand out affiliations with Interscope. Also, although there is no direct connection, between him, and the circumstances of her current deal, the man who is credited with discovering Jojo with Da Family Records, Vincent Herbert, current has a new distribution deal for his current imprint Streamline Records with Interscope Records. Streamline is responsible for the discovery of one of Interscope’s current thriving stars, Lady Gaga.

Whatever the reason, things seem to be getting back in order for Interscope to help throw Jojo into a higher gear of priority.  Jojo and crew appear to be rebounding from her music sabbatical by using her well received mixtape as a contextual prelude to the album that they are now planning a release some time this year called, Jumping Trains.  The album’s lead single  called “The Other Chick” was  reportedly produced by  a producer named “Oak”. Oak also produced on her mixtape.  The last report availible to us states that Interscope is preparing to film her latest music video shortly.

In the mean time, Jojo has certainly done everything possible to take advantage of whatever connection her new Interscope relationship has to offer that keeps her appropriately relevant in the public eye.  Fans of the sexy Keri Hilson video “The way You Love Me”, may remember Jojo playing the cameo role of “Boots”. She is also featured with LMFAO on the recent club smash, “Sucks To Be You” By DJ/Producer Clinton Sparks.  Like all the previous artists mentioned, Sparks and LMFAO also have there own deals with Interscope Records, making the label’s assistance in the promotion of her relaunch that much more valuable and apparent.  Check out the songs and videos discussed below.

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“The Other Chick”

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Keri Hilson

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From: No Boys Allowed

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Clinton Sparks Featuring LMFAO & Jojo

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