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The Remarkable Story Of How Hana Hwang Met Her Hero Selena Gomez


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13 year old Hana Hwang has been making headlines lately because of the unique way in which her appreciation for Pop star Selena Gomez has made her a viral video celebrity. Why all the fuss?  Hanna has a rare condition that causes her to age much more rapidly than normal known as progeria.  Mentally she has the bright vibrant fun loving personality of your average teen, but her unfortunate health condition has often required her to spend a large amount of her life in and out of hospitals, visiting her doctors.  It was during one of these visits when her recent accidental online fame began

While recently spending time at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Hanna decided to post a Youtube video, sending a message to her favorite Pop star Selena Gomez.  She didn’t think much of it at the time, but the video circulated quickly and accumulated 2.6 million views in  6 weeks. In reaction to the viral explosion, FOX News LA  caught wind of the story, and felt a need to step in and do a profile on her remarkable story.  Normally this would be seen as fantastic treat for a sweet young girl that’s been through way more than her fair share, and tell the heart warming story of her getting to meet her hero  This time however, Fox was also stepping in to provide a desperately needed context and quiet some unwanted sensationalism.  The normally reserved Hanna’s fast fame lead to wild rumors of her premature death, and even some ugly classless mocking of her when she was simply trying to say hi to her favorite singer just like any other fan would.

Fortunately, Selena got Hanna’s message and quickly responded by coming in for a surprise visit, providing a very happy ending to this heartwarming story.  That happy ending  is a testament to the powerful impact that music can have when life is a struggle. It is the fondest example of of how the value of a human spirit can connect us all in the face of ignorance and negativity. Watch Hanna’s story below.

Thank you for being willing to share your story with the world Hanna.  It meant a great deal to us. Keep loving music sweetheart.