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It’s no secret that Rihanna has been everywhere in the media thanks to the altercation she had with former boyfriend, singer, Chris Brown. Now running the risk of always being associated with the trials of a domestic dispute, she has used the development of her newest album as a means of expressing the anguish that she feels inside. Rihanna emerged with a collection of songs that not only express this pain, but do so in a way that allowed her to create a highly stylized record that has reportedly taken her artistry to a whole new depth.  The album is called Rated R, and features collaborative efforts from the dream team responsible for helping craft her overwhelming pop dominance to this day.   Justin Timberlake, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, and The Dream Ne-yo and were all tapped to help form her most outspoken album yet.

Fully aware of the attention she was bound to  receive, it was obvious that the first single was going to turn heads anyway.  Rihanna decided to take us into a darker world that has the sound of  a healthy blend between an audio epic and pop flare that immediately captivates. Rated R’s first single, “Russian Rollette,” was written by Rihanna and Ne-Yo, who had success with “Hate That I Love You” in 2007.  The song’s co-producer Chuck Harmony, describes inspiration for the track as the fact that he “wanted to give her a movie” and not “just give her a three-minute song.”  That goal was certainly accomplished, as it sounds like the opening to her very own James Bond film, provoking plenty of curiosity for more.  Take a listen and decide for yourself


“Russian Roulette”

Rated R

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