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The All American Rejects Debut “Kids In The Street” Music Video”

Album Art For "Kids In The Street" By All American Rejects

Album Art For "Kids In The Street" By All American Rejects

Today marks the release of  the latest  music video from Pop Rockers The All American Rejects.  The video, which is for the second single and title track to their fourth album, is called Kids In The Street .  Matching the song’s reflective lyrics of nostalgia, it features a story line that follows a younger version of each band member sneaking off to to go attend a house party and have a youthfully good time.

The song itself features an infectious opening rift, that builds through out the rest of the song, getting it prominently stuck in your head.  It’s clear from the first frame that some care was put into the video, and it has a great deal of meaning to the band personally. It’s a good listen and defiantly deserves your music enjoying attention.  Check it out below.

The All American Rejects

“Kids In The Street”

From: Kids In The Street

DGC/Interscope Records

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