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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rock Wu-Tang Clan In New Movie

Are you a Hip Hop fan that also happened to grow up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, then you’ll be happy to know that the four legendary shell-backed ninja brothers show off their love for your favorite genre in their new Nickelodeon and Paramount Film. If you watch the new trailer which spotlights their brand new Hip Hop theme song, “Shell Shocked”, you’ll see Ninja Turtle Michelangelo enthusiastically call out “you stepping to the WU- Tang”, excitedly referencing his band of green brothers to “Shaolin’s” legendary band of brothers, the actual Wu Tang Clan.

From what we can tell, the now 9 member Rap group has nothing to do with the film’s soundtrack, but got both them and the famous turtles some extra music based press when they celebrated the Turtle’s shout out on their official site. The music stars that do contribute to the film courtesy of Atlantic Records are Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign Kill The Noise & Madsonik. The label released the song’s lyric video last Thursday, complete with TMNT themed animation. We missed posting it that day, and wanted to make a point to share it all with you now because the song and the shout out left us absolutely delighted. Check out the song and trailer for yourself and see if you agree. Enjoy!

Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign  Kill The Noise & Madsonik

“Shell Shock”

Atlantic Records 

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