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Taylor Swift Song Offers Darker Vibe For “Hunger Game” Scifi Film Soundtrack

Taylor Swift Featuring The Civil War "Safe And Sound" Big Machine/Universal Republic Records

Taylor Swift Featuring The Civil War "Safe And Sound" Big Machine/Universal Republic Records

While we were on holiday break Taylor Swift  came out with a really nice track that we wanted to make sure we showed you.  The folk music influenced track is called “Safe And Sound”, and it features the recent break out Country duo sensation, The Civil War.  It was released virally on December 23rd via Swift and her twitter.  The song’s slightly darker tone that doesn’t necessarily match what we’re use to from Swift, but that’s because it probably does match the tone of the up and coming science fiction feature that it serves as the soundtrack for called The Hunger Games.

Based on the best selling book of the same name, The Hunger Games takes place in a future setting of North America’s Ruins that is reborn as the new chaotic nation of Panem. To sustain order in the post apocalyptic 12 districts of Panem, one boy and girl,ranging from ages 12-18, are chosen from each districts to risk their lives in a ruthless competition called The Hunger Games.  This dark gladiator-like game serves the double purpose of  entertaining and reinforce the obeisance of the nations’ masses.  Each contestant, or tribute, is forced to try  to kill the others until they are the only one still alive.

It seems that while it will make for an interesting film, Taylor Swift contributing to the soundtrack of such a specifically unique project serves as an interesting opportunity for her to explore this artistic departure.  It will be interesting to see how it all meshes together when the film hits theaters on March 22nd.  Until then, fans are able to purchase “Safe And Sound exclusively on ITunes.

Check out “Safe And Sound” below.

Taylor Swift Featuring The Civil War

“Safe And Sound”

Big Machine/Universal Republic Records

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