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Taylor Swift Helps Create “The Taylor Swift Education Center” In The Country Music Hall Of Fame

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Country/Pop superstar Taylor Swift is continuing to make the news for her breaking new ground as not only a young performer, but also a growing role model as song writer promoting development in musicianship. Forbes Magazine has recent named Swift one of “The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities”, and for good reason too! This time Taylor’s efforts are being directed toward what will become “The Taylor Swift Education Center.” This is a classroom space that will be constructed inside of The Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum. Taylor’s Education Center idea came to be when she recently donated 4 million dollars to the Nashville landmark.

The center will have its own entrance, and will be 7,500 square feet spread over two stories. Along with classrooms and exhibit space, there will also be a musical petting zoo and a “wet” classroom to make concert posters and other projects. The Museum’s direcror, Kyle Young was quoted praising Taylor for her contribution.

“Taylor is an artist who has always been ahead of the curve. By stepping forward to fund our education center, she has once again demonstrated that she has an eye on our industry’s future. We are deeply indebted to Taylor for this wonderful gift, which will help us continue to fulfill our educational mission and serve our worldwide audience. It is not an overstatement to say that the Taylor Swift Education Center will have a profound impact on our museum, our new campus, our city and even our Country. It will truly be the heart of our living museum, educating and inspiring young people and families, teaching them Country music history and helping them to make meaningful connections between the music and their own lives, “ Taylor’s Education Center is set to open in 2014!