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Suge Knight Formally Charged With Murder

Suge Knight

More details have emerged in the Suge Kight hit and run fatality case that we first reported last week. TMZ has now confirmed that Suge Knight will be charged with the murder of his friend Terry Carter. As we previously reported, Knight hit Carter with his car after a fight broke out on a Compton based film set that featured known Suge Knight Rivals, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. After being taunted by people on the scene, Knight claims to have gotten in his car, speeding away out of fear for his life. However,  further investigation has resulted in the formal charges being filed.

The LA County DA’s office has now formally charged Knight in connection to Terry Carter’s death. Suge was charged with attempted premeditated murder for running over his noted “adversary” Cle “Bone” Sloan, hit and run resulting in death, and hit and run resulting in injury.  These are all major felonies.

Deputies have obtained video taped proof of the incident that they say solitifies their case against Suge Knight. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the video captures “a portion” of what went down, and it significantly strengthens the case against Suge Knight.