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Success of Teen Rapper Develops Chevy Give Away

Johnny B camaro

National Teen recording artist Johnny B, releases his hot and highly anticipated new single “Wavy Crockett”, and will be giving a lucky fan a new Chevy Camaro.

Cincinnati, OHIO – Johnny B’s new hit radio single “Wavy Crockett” is heating up the national radio airwaves. The Young Cincy Records artist and Co-Ceo will give away a new 2010 Chevy Camaro to one of his lucky fans that purchases the 100,000 download  via internet music provider ITunes.

Young Cincy Records has partnered with a local based General Motors dealer to give one special fan the opportunity to win the new 2010 Chevy Camaro. Fans can seize the opportunity to win the new Camaro by visiting Johnny B’s MySpace page and clicking on the car. This link will then take fans to the ITunes site where they can purchase the new “Wavy Crockett” download. Each purchased download will register the participant into the drawing for the automobile, and a chance to take a cruise with Johnny B, while receiving a host of other great promotional items from the artist and various sponsors.

This unique opportunity is the first of its kind as Johnny B looks to be the first independent recording artist in Ohio to reach the 100,000 download milestone. Johnny B wants to prove that you can be a young positive hip hop artist and still reach great heights in music. Johnny B is a producer, writer, rapper, singer, and a young mogul in the making. With a new album scheduled for release in early  2010, Johnny is gaining the mutual admiration of his music peers from people such as: DJ/VP of CTE Records Bigga Rankings, Cincinnati based Nasty DJ’s, The Urban Music Network, and radio program directors nationwide.

“I think that Johnny B is a great artist and proves to have what it takes to be a successful artist in a tough market, meaning Cincinnati.” said Al Chang, CEO of Fort Chang Entertainment and “It’s great to see that one lucky fan will win a new 2010 Camaro, I’ve seen the car and it’s hot, the music is hot, and I wish that I could be the 100,000 person to purchase the download and win the car.”

About Young Cincy Records:

Young Cincy Records is an independent recording label currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The label is currently searching to find new young talented songwriters, producers, dancers and recording artist. Young Cincy Records is currently working with various strategic partners to further its brand and other ventures that are soon to come. Johnny B can be seen via his new MySpace page at where fans can also win an opportunity to be in the national “Wavy Crockett” music video that will be aired on national networks.