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Steve McEwan Is “Space Bound” With Eminem

Eminem from "Space Bound" Video shoot

Eminem from "Space Bound" Video shoot

After Eminem’s latest album Recovery became the best selling album of 2010, it has proven to have a major impact on many people. While his fans have always remained loyal to him, this time around it appears the ones who have benefitted most from the album’s  success are the guest vocalists. The album does have a few A list guests like Pink, Lil’ Wayne and Rihanna, but it is important to note that the album has been used as a launching pad for some great developing talent in the music industry as well.

As we have mentioned in many previous posts, the album allowed us to be introduced to singer/song writer, Skylar Grey, who helped Alex Da Kid craft Eminem’s #1 hit, “Love The Way You Lie.” That platform allowed Skylar to have the exposure on Dr. Dre’s current single, “I Need A Doctor”, and eventually lead to her own record deal with Interscope Records. The album’s second track, “Talkin’ To Myself” helps introduce us to unsigned  Chicago rapper/singer, Kobe who performed on the hook on the song.

Now as Eminem is releasing Recovery’s 4th and final single, he is preparing to give the spotlight to another seasoned, but still unknown singer/song writer, Steve McEwan. That single is the Jim Jonsin produced track, “Space Bound” and Steve is the singer featured on the song. What is the most interesting about this collaboration is, while Eminem is widely regarded as one of the best rappers of all time, Steve has been embraced as a talented song writer for Country music.

Steve is a British born performer who first got his big break in 2001 when Country song writers Craig Wiseman and Naoise Sheridan hooked up with him at a BMG Publishing Nashville retreat. The trio eventually wrote, “Young”, which went on to become a huge hit for Kenny Chesney. Soon after his songs came to the attention of Faith Hill who recorded his songs,  “If This Is the End” and “Wicked” for her tripple platinum album Cry of 2002.

That success soon allowed him to write “My Old Friend” by Tim McGraw, and then  Brooks and Dunn’s “That’s What It’s All About”. “Summertime” soon followed and was another massive Kenny Chesney hit co-written by Steve. His most recent #1 single was “Just A Dream” by American Idol’s  Carrie Underwood. His regular trips from London  to Nashville have resulted in 4 number 1 singles and cuts on more than 50 million albums worldwide.

Away from Country music obviously Steve enjoys branching out to write for Pop artists as well. He hass gone on to write songs with the likes of David Archuleta, James Morrison and even Clizbeats featured artist, Jessie James, among many others. Now with the help of Eminem, Steve can not only add Hip Hop/Rap to his resume, but he is finally able to step in front of the mic and be a performer. He is without a doubt an inspiration amd proof that if you keep working hard that you will not only be noticed, but you will also be highly respected by your peers. Congrats on ecerything you have achieved Steve!

It was reported by MTV in February that a music video for “Space Bound” was filmed in California and will feature porn star Sasha Grey. There is no word if Steve himself will appear in the video. Stay with Clizbeats,com for any release details of the music video.

Eminem Featuring Steve McEwan

“Space Bound” (Explicit Lyrics)

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